We're building a new home for anime fans in Australia and New Zealand.

More than just an anime distributor; Sugoi is creating a vibrant community for fans, creators and partners to celebrate their love for anime.

Our mission

We're on a mission to bring anime to life in the most engaging and exciting ways possible. We believe in the power of collaboration and work directly with our partners at every level.

Our team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the local anime scene. We're skilled in licensing, distribution, and merchandising, and we're committed to delivering the very best of anime to our fans.

What we do

Our approach is simple: we're here to get anime seen and loved. We focus on getting the word out about great shows in ways that speak directly to fans and keep our community engaged and excited.

Sugoi offers a complete solution for your anime needs. Whether it's getting anime onto your screens, finding great licensing opportunities, or offering the coolest anime merchandise, we've got it handled.

We're not just passionate about anime; we're creating a thriving community for anime fans, creators and partners. Join us on our exciting journey to take anime to new heights!

Our team

With an umatched understanding of the local market, our team excels in anime licensing & distribution, merchandising, event management, e-commerce, and fan engagement.

  • Tim Anderson


  • Jason Wang

    General Manager, Brand Licensing

  • Sylvester Ip

    General Manager, Media

  • Chris Mander

    Product & Marketing

  • Emily Stothers

    Legal & Business Operations

  • Fiona Wilkinson

    Admin & Operations Coordinator

  • Adam Parr


  • Tom Byrne